Umberto Eco

»Umberto Eco«
Cornelia F Ch Heier

»Umberto Eco« from the series »Signalement« n°170, 2017, print, 42 x 29 cm
Signalement Portraits on advertising pillars 2017

… is a series of graphic black and white portraits (drawings) of known and unknown personalities for advertising pillars and building site walls. (C F. Ch. H.)

About 70 graphic prints by artists*, philosophers* and despots of the present and the past have been placed on advertising pillars in the city of Frankfurt.

According to the motto: Where there is room for advertising images, it is of course art to place them.

The advertising space as an »icon board« for the distribution of news, a stop for political calls and announcements – it also serves as an exhibition space…

The selection, »Signalement« 2017, reflects the differentiation people make every day in the face of media-personalized product communication. An ambivalence of closeness, knowledge, ignorance, disinformation and idealisation…

The portrait cycle juxtaposes artists, politicians, despots, fascists and idols, known and unknown persons, such as Susan Sontag, Jimi Hendrix or Umberto Eco.

Selection 2017
n°155 alfred hrdlicka, n°156 kaethe kollwitz, n°157 alfons silbermann, n°158 juergen habermas, n°159 simone de beauvois, n°160 alice schwarzer, n°162 susan sontag, n°163 peggy guggenheim, n°164 ilya kabakov, n°165 catherine deneuve, n°166 on kawara, n°167 francisco franco, n°168 theodor adorno, n°169 nancy spero, n°170 umberto eco, n°171 lili palmer, n°172 marcel reich-ranicki, n°173 david bowie, n°174 valeska gerd, n°175 andrea zittel, n°176 christoph vitali, n°177 jeff koons, n°178 e.r. nele, n°179 john cage, n°180 hillary clinton, n°181 queen elizapeth, n°182 jimy hendrix, n°183 mao tse dung, n°184 wolfgang neuss, n°185 michel foucault, n°186 adam szymszyk, n°187 heiner goebbels, n°188 kaiser akihido, n°189 niklas luhmann, n°190 kaspar koenig.

Cornelia F Ch Heier speaks
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