The image

»The image«
Sabine Imhof

»The image« (Triptych), 2020, photography
What is truth and how is it made?
Summer 2019 – spring 2020

The shadow of the leaves falls on the tree, the clouds are reflected in the moving water, the human being is thrown into the street in outline. Is it real? Yes, because even if the clouds, the leaves, the human being are not realistically depicted in the picture, they are really present.

What do we really know, what do we suspect, what can we determine, and what remains uncertain? Without the knowledge of the reality of cloud, leaf and man, there is no such as such – we can only guess as to the real form. Isn’t the cloud actually the leaf, because the shapes of both beings are alike. Does the leaf fly in the sky, does the cloud stick to the surface of the water and do people have roots deep in the earth? The interpretation of the obvious reality depends on the understanding of the world outside of the visible.

Man has stayed in the cave?
The parable of the cave can be found in Plato’s Politeía / The State, 7th book

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