Rock in the Surf

»Rock in the Surf«
Elke Sanna Kaiser

»Rock in the Surf«, 2020
The stone is my medium. I find stones or they find me. Due to their shape, finds from the quarry are inspiration for a sculpture. Stones are pure magic, they are primary rocks, pure nature. A lifeline of sand veins, iron lines, shells or cracks require mindfulness and trust when hitting. Through the process of classic processing with a hammer and chisel, I remove the stone from the stone, expose the inside, the soul. An imaginary connection to the material is created. Every stroke is a risk or an opportunity for a new idea. These have to be interpreted permanently and implemented creatively. For my »stone art« the artistic process of stone processing is in the foreground for me, not the perfectly shaped classical sculpture. The way of »disenchantment« is always a border crossing between figurative and abstraction, even fragments have a shape.

With my sandstone sculpture »Rock in the Surf« I want to draw attention to the situation of the refugees who go out to sea in unsuitable boats. Their willingness to survive puts them at high risk. This trip not only harbors a »deadly danger«, but is also borne by the »hope for salvation«.

My question:
What would Poseidon (Neptune) say with his trident? The sea god ruled at will and brought destruction or salvation!

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