Rahulla Torabi

»RHAM«, 2019, wood and lack, 90 x 90 x 90 cm
From Offenbach to Everest

From Offenbach I drove with a C cadet in yellow and black to Munich, from there to Salzburg. Then via Villach to Ljubljana then to Zagreb and the journey continued. I drove via Zadar, Śibenik to Split via Mostar to Sarajevo, from there the journey went to Višegrad via Novi pazar to Pristina. From Pristina the journey went to Skopje, from there the journey went to Thessaloniki. The next stops were Serres and Drama. Then the journey continued to the border between Greece and Turkey.

My thought was to get to Kandahar through Turkey and Iran, but failed because of the border officials, who complained about my passport, on which it was clearly written »Foreigners’ Pass«.

The rest stop where I landed is called Everest today.
From there I explored Greece.

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