Christiaan Tonnis

»Platon«, 2020, pencil on paper. 11,4 x 10,9 inches
Thinking of Greece, I’m immediately thinking of »The Greek Philosophers«, and the first who comes to my mind is Platon. His »Theory of Forms«, »The Soul«, »Art and Poetry« and more are unforgettable. For his portrait I read some of his writings again. During my work with different pencils on paper, the forms in the drawing like lines and circles appeared to my mind just by themselves… I catched and integrated them around Platons head. When I worked day by day, his beard transformed more and more into flames, which seem to be spiritual, holy flames.

At the end, all these forms and energies made sense to me. This is how I see Platon. The drawing shows »My Personal Greek Platon«.

Question to the audience:
How important is Platon for you today?

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