Laughing allowed!

»Laughing allowed! With the tower of the winds«
Carolyn Krüger
Brigitte Kottwitz

»Laughing allowed! With the tower of the winds«, 2020, drawing/collage, 39 x 30 cm
We have to unlearn what we know and experience what we see. The fun of laughing is a big risk in the art world. But how can we have this experience? This is our question to the audience.

With the octagon »Tower of the Winds« near the Acropolis, we offer a place that invites you to the performance of laughter. Eight gods symbolize eight wind directions. Also on board is Euros, who is responsible for the southeast winds. Around the tower ruin, on each of the eight sides, you can laugh excellently – with Boreas N, Kaikias NE, Apheliotes E, Euros SE, Notos S, Lips SW, Zephyros W and Skiron NW. Make up a special laugh! Be positive!

As early as 1958, Joseph Beuys wrote »You are not laughing enough for me, for me this is a sign that you are not serious. Where is the great Homeric laughter that you would have to oppose the great laughter that laughs at you behind every thing (behind every stone), the laughter of the great negative spirits? That scares them terribly when you laugh, they can’t stand it: a laughing person.«

Dr. Isa Bickmann (art scientist), 2012: »Art needs to be taken seriously, because what makes you laugh doesn’t seem to carry any message. But it is precisely those works of art that carry the joke that sticks in your mind, because the effect may be directly communicated with the laughter that is triggered. Without humor with an anarchic or absurd note, DADA, Marcel Duchamp, Surrealism and Fluxus are unthinkable.«

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