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It is about opening a channel of communication, between EULENGASSE with other artists, exhibitors, associations, institutions and especially with the interested public in Athens and Greece. We are interested in both communication: non-verbal, showing pictures – and verbal: talking about art and the current context. The questions to the Athens audience can be »shot« in different directions: art, health, politics, history, symbols and…

We look forward to meeting you live!..

Friday 15 May
6 p.m.(Athens) …introducing ARTIST RUN PANELS
> What ist currently happening? Who are the players? What are we doing »in Athens«? What is the future? – The aim of ARTIST RUN PANELS is to kick off a nomadic discussion forum in cooperation with independent artist run initiatives all over the world. This communicative platform is an idea of Jasmin Glaab from, and the first panel was held in Biel/Switzerland in March 2020. This talk will introduce ARTIST RUN PANELS to a wide range of artists in the context of Platforms Project Art Fair. In the course of 2020 more panels are planned in cooperatione with various artist run initiatives, on art fairs and other opportunities. – speakers: Florian Adolph, Andrea Blumör, Harald Etzemüller, Jasmin Glaab i.a. (en)

Saturday 16 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »a kiss – a hug – a handshake«: Vládmir Combre de Sena (pt + de)
7 p.m.(Athens) »The Endless Global Weaving«: Susanna Sitterding (de + en)

Sunday 17 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »I had a dream«: Sibyll Ariane Keller (de + en)
7 p.m.(Athens) »Octopus & Co«: Elke Bergerin (de + en)
8 p.m.(Athens) »Dynamics + Numbers«: Jürgen Wolff (de + en)

Monday 18 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »Open call for projects 2021/22« – Andrea Blumör, Harald Etzemüller i.a. (de + en)

Tuesday 19 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »Well, I am not a Painter« – Hear In – Performance – Cornelia F Ch Heier (de + en)
7 p.m. (Athens) »Fuck your poor life« – Daniel Scheffel (de + en)

Wednesday 20 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »The meaning of life« – Petra Schott (de + en)
7 p.m.(Athens) »Questions« – Martina Templin (de + en)

Thursday 21 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »Foreign passport« – Rahulla Torabi (pashto + dari + de + en)
7 p.m.(Athens) »BIKEicipate ART!« – Harald Etzemüller (de + en)

Friday 22 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »Momentum Memento Mori« – Wolfgang Herrmann (de + en)
7 p.m.(Athens) »Who am I?« – Andrea Interschick (de + en)

Saturday 23 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »Alpha« – Thomas Schneider (de + en)
7 p.m.(Athens) »What is truth and how is it made?« – Sabine Imhof (de + en)

Sunday 24 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »Beweglich« – Paul Hirsch (de + en)
7 p.m.(Athens) »Mary Read and me« – Andrea Blumör (de + en)

Monday 25 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »Open call for projects 2021/22« – Andrea Blumör, Harald Etzemüller i.a. (de + en)

Tuesday 26 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »Generated questions to choose from« – Florian Adolph (de + en)
7 p.m.(Athens) »With the tower of the winds« – CaBri (de + en)

Wednesday 27 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »Paths of the angel of history« – Steffen Merte (de + en)
7 p.m.(Athens) »Metamorphosis« – Sybille Fuchs (de + en)

Thursday 28 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »About the corona drawings« – Helmut Werres (de + en)
7 p.m.(Athens) »together separate« – Almut Aue (de + en)

Friday 29 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »The poet’s rifle is a rose« – Arturo Laime (es + en + de)
7 p.m.(Athens) »Call to action« – Mrs. Velvet G.Oldmeine (de + en)

Saturday 30 May
6 p.m.(Athens) »Colours contrast« – Denis Buckley (en + de)
7 p.m.(Athens) »Drawings« – Barbara Bux (de + en)
8 p.m.(Athens) »BlackBox – White Cube – Black Box« – Pelusa Petzel (de + es + en)

Sunday 31 May
4 p.m.(Athens) summing up our impressions – an ARTIST RUN PANEL
> What has happened until now? What were the inspiring moments of »Athens«? What is the future of this increasing artist run scene? The panel will resume to the first panel held in Switzerland in March 2020, continuing the discussion and opening new perspectives to a lot of new participants of the open platform. EULENGASSE hopes to invite everyone to Frankfurt am Main/Germany in autumn 2020 for another ARTIST RUN PANEL. – speakers: Florian Adolph, Andrea Blumör, Harald Etzemüller, Jasmin Glaab i.a. (en)

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