I had a dream

»I had a dream«
Sibyll Ariane Keller

»I had a dream«, 2020
I had a dream

It’s about the island of Lesbos … on which I owned a house 20 years ago and experienced beautyful times.

Today Lesbos is the synonym for mysery. Its a hotspot for refugees and an »intermediate camp« for people on their escape from war and search for a better and safe life.

The Greek islands, especially Lesvos, the apparent »bridge« between Asia and Europe has proven to be a one-way street with all negative side-effects.

The shut down of the island started allready years ago. Since the refugees had arrived, the island changed from a tourist paradise to a never-ending story of the loss of quality of life. The whole touristic infrastructure broke down.

All protagonists have lost their livelihood.

My question is: how comes, that the EU has such a small solidarity with Greece? Is this really standing for a united Europe?

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