Bero Blumöhr

»Hellas«, 2020, digital photography, color print, 27 x 20 cm
Carry an Owl to Athens
… could also reflect my feelings for Greece.

My first and only visit to Greece was 1986. I remember the many islands, narrow streets, old houses glaring in the sun, occasional somewhat adventurous ferry boat rides. Boats in the harbor, reflections in the sunshine, marvelous sunsets – enjoyed in one of the many tavernas by a glass of wine or ouzo. Athens, the Akropolis, narrow streets in the old quarters were most impressive, the Greeks’ friendliness and their easy way of life left many happy memories. Many photos of touristic impressions were taken at the time.

I have now decided to Carry a different Owl to Athens. Greece as a European centre point, brilliant colors in a birds (drone) eye view all topsyturvy – at a time when everything seems to be upside down.

How will the Greeks respond…?

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