»BIKEicipate ART!«
Harald Etzemüller

1920-1930 map of Frankfurt. In red the satelite-towns (Siedlungen).
Frankfurt map, 2020
»BIKEicipate ART!«

When you consider the visual and performing arts scene in Frankfurt am Main, it is where extremes meet abruptly: on the one hand, bourgeois high culture with its temples of the muses, the »Städel« Museum of Fine Arts (4) and Städtische Bühnen – Municipal Theater and Opera House (6), on the other hand, institutionalized places for the visual arts such as the production and exhibition platform »basis« (5) or the »1822 Forum« (7), but also free initiatives started and organized by artists, such as the Atelierhaus AF (2), the Kunstverein Familie Montez (3) – and of course the exhibition space EULENGASSE (1). This is also the starting point of our approx. 1-hour bicycle tour, which will take you to the above-mentioned art locations. During the ride I tell you something about what we can expect, what I think of it (caution: opinion!), and why I will show it. And you will experience Frankfurt in motion, its green spaces, the industrial zone with the harbour, the river and the skyline – from the periphery to the centre. Maybe one of you already knows the city of Frankfurt? Then we can talk about that. And of course about the visual arts scene.

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