Euler 1

»Euler 1«
Jürgen Wolff

»Euler 1«, 2018, ink on woodboard, 50 x 50 cm

Jürgen Wolff systematically works with constantly new, self-developed number algorithms – without ever having produced computer art – whose decryptions are not always provided to the viewer. His analog works therefore remain unique items for collectors, which cannot be produced serially. He thus develops his mathematical and number-oriented analog ‘information aesthetic’ which also allows him to incorporate the planned chance of aesthetic faultlines produced by the overlapping of two algorithms into his graphics.

»Euler 1«, his visualisation of Euler’s number using the division algorithm:

The single stroke in the center of the graphic represents the number 1
The triangle to the right the division 1:1
The kite below the single stroke the division 1:2
The kite from the left edge to the right edge the division 1:6
The partly concealed kite oriented perpendicularly the division 1:24

(Brigitta Amalia Gonser)

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