Endless Global Weaving

»Endless Global Weaving«
Susanna Sitterding

»Endless Global Weaving«, 2020
You are invited to participate in this ongoing global project!
I “interweave people” all over the world.
I interweave people by fabric they give to me.

So if you want to be part of it, just send me a piece of fabric: 50 cm broad and about 20 cm long.

The object meanwhile is over 60 meters long.

The project startet in 2011 in New York, followed by stations as an artist in Residence on Mauritius, Cook Islands, Frankfurt in the World-Culture-Museum and several places together with Eulengasse e. V. And in addition people give me beside fabric to be part of it.

More about the background:

Weaving, one of the oldest cultural techniques is rich with meaning and symbols. Predominantly it symbolizes two essential aspects of life:

The warp thread, the vertical parts of weaving symbolize in many cultures the essence, the unchangeable and ongoing parts of life and world, connecting all stages of existence. To represent this I use strips of checkered plastic bags (the “global bags”) and denim fabric, also known all over the world.

The wett thread, the horizontal parts symbolize the existence in space-time-continuum, the fading and changing parts of being. For this I use whatever pieces of fabric given to me by people.

Interweaving these different kinds of material represents the link between the overarching elements of our world and people of different cultures.

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