Jo Albert

»DUBITO, ERGO SUM«, 2019, Fotocollage 1-3, 42 x 29 cm
The starting point of the series is two observations on the subject of identity:
In our environment, pretenses and deceptions have become normal; Content and viewpoints, on the other hand, are fundamentally dubious. One has to fear that even behind best intentions and touching stories, deception and calculation are hidden. The question of what is behind or under it is ubiquitous and often cannot be answered. The photo-collages deny the idea that people would be easy to depict or portray. The actors pull the jacket over their heads like a camouflage cap. We don’t see what’s underneath. We may not know any more about ourselves.

This leads to the second observation: the experience that identity is nothing fixed, that something can slip into what constitutes a person. These moments when the “I” shifts a bit or slips away. When you try to reconnect with the person you’ve been a moment ago (or a while ago) – and realize that it doesn’t quite succeed; that the new image no longer really fits the still valid form. The photo-collages try to approach such moments.

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