Florian Adolph

»Ding«, 2019, Digital Sculpture, 22 x 17 cm
Generated questions to choose from:

How to start a conversation that is not just a soundscape?
Would you like to talk about something in particular?
Are you satisfied with something?
What is your concern?
Would you like to start something?
Would you like to end up something?
What would you like to do instead?
How important is conversation?
Do you find something painful?
How useless could you possibly be?
What makes you passionate?
Could you write a book about something?
Why are you weird?
What is your real age?
Have you made a decision recently?
What would you like to know?
Are you playful enough?
Are you interested enough in something to teach it?
Do you have a dangerous secret?
What would you be like as an actor?
How much do you need?
Do you believe in time?
How long can you practice?
What do you want to share?
Could you think of the opposite?
How real are you?

Sorry I can’t be there. I would have loved to meet you in person. But unfortunately this isn’t possible for now.
But we still can talk if you want.

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