Delicately Strung

Delicately Strung
Andrea Interschick

»Delicately Strung«, 2020, oil on line, 100 x 120 cm
Discovery of tenderness

From our point of view, insects are delicate creatures. They are so much smaller than us, we kill mosquitoes with our bare hands. The sight of dead animals is familiar to us. How fragile a butterfly’s wing or a beetle’s leg is! At the same time we are fascinated by the surfaces and colours of their bodies or their flying and climbing skills.

Looking into the eyes of the fly sitting on the wall, I perceive how it remains sitting very calmly for a moment. Are her tiny compound eyes looking at me as well? The white spider moth, which stretches out its feelers towards the macro lens of my camera. Does it see its reflection in the lens as a possible mating partner? Or does it perceive the astonishment in my breath?
Insects reflect my own fragility.

Seeing yourself as a delicate creature, hiding in your den in case of danger instead of striking back loudly. I realize how vulnerable we humans are, how dependent we are on the precisely coordinated conditions on planet Earth. Dependent on the air we breathe, the warmth of the sun, the water cycle that creates something as wonderful as rain. Actually, everything is provided for by these conditions. As long as we accept them and do not want to change them at any price. Aren’t our appearance, our way of life and our decisions determined by birthplace, genetic inheritance and biography?

Humility and modesty could be rediscovered as decisive virtues for people from the rich areas of civilisation in particular. To concentrate on what is really important to you, to withdraw in order to give space to other life.

The discovery of tenderness initiates a process of transformation.

Andrea Interschick speaks
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