bist auch oiln?

»are you oiln?«
Almut Aue

»are you oiln?«, 2017, Black and colored ink pens on paper, 25.5 x 31.5 cm
The drawing is part of a series of blind drawings.

It confronts two beings – whether human or animal doesn’t matter here – with each other. The two bizarre heads seem to float in space – no background, no foreground – weightless in space and in time. Are they real creatures? Are they monsters abandoned by all reason? The viewer communicates a mood of sadness and melancholy. Speechlessness. Communication does not take place. Loneliness despite physical proximity. Each one for itself.

This drawing was made while I was watching an interview on TV – the interviewees talked grotesquely past each other. While watching and drawing, Ernst Jandl’s poem »owl« came to my mind (»are owl / yes / am owl / yes yes / very owl«); Goyas Capriccios occurred to me, a society full of lonely, evil individuals, full of monsters.

When drawing, I only looked at the interview partners and not at the paper, I drew »blindly« and let my thoughts and the pencils run free.

QUESTIONS to the Athens artists and the audience:
– How good is the networking in the Athens art scene?
– Is there a regular exchange of exhibitions / projects?
– How is the audience involved?

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