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Participate NOW!
In other terms: »I find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that art can contribute to nothing to the solution of pressing social problems.« (Manifesto, Charlotte Posenenske, Art International No 5, May 1968)

In essence, it is about participating art projects, which rely on: initiative, collectively, orchestration, public space and cooperation. The aim is to point out that art is an indispensable part of society. We are interested in the fusion of different areas of life. It is necessary to leave the comfort zone art-space (exhibition space, gallery, museum and archive). The participatory art projects will take place in common and uncommon public places. But it is also important to find new forms of communication, online-meetings or EULENGASSE art-podcasts, here, matter will find a new audience. Everybody is welcome to sign in for those.

The topic »Participate NOW!« refers also to movements which had been spread over the last two years globally, like »Fridays for Future« or »Extinction Rebellion«. Our concern here is not a climate change discussion, but the distorted re-presentation in media and in public perception, a problem the movements have to deal with.


We are interested in the cooperation with other artist-run initatives, curators and also artists who are working on art works and projects with a political, social and economic background.

No matter where you are from, how big or established you are pls come in and share your ideas.

Please join us and introduce your project!

Monday 18 May – 6 p.m. (Athens time / 5 p.m. Frankfurt)
Monday 25 May – 6 p.m. (Athens time / 5 p.m. Frankfurt)


EULENGASSE is an artist-run space in Frankfurt am Main, which provides a platform for artists and those interested in contemporary art and culture, and is dedicated to representing contemporary art. Founded in 2003, EULENGASSE is open for dicsussion, independent of the art market and open to a wide variety of different and even controverse perspectives.

For several years, EULENGASSE has chosen an annual theme and then organises exhibitions and events based on this theme for the entire year. Artists are invited and the demands of contemporary art and cultural education are discussed and freshly interpreted. The artist-run space EULENGASSE is an important venue in the Frankfurt art community and shows different artistic approaches and positions in an informal, yet professional, environment.

In addition to exhibitions, EULENGASSE organises discussions and lectures, film programmes, performances, music events and excursions. This way the the artist-run space offers different ways to discuss art and promote contacts: between artists and between artists and the public. Annual programmes are regularly supported by the Culture Department of the City of Frankfurt am Main.

Do you have interest in our association?
Please contact us:

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